The Flow treatment schedule is based on years of tDCS research and what has been proven to be both safe and effective. Each round of treatment includes an Activation and Strengthening phase (no matter the phase, every stimulation session is 30 minutes). 

The Activation phase spans the course of 3 weeks and includes 5 tDCS sessions per week. The Strengthening phase can be as long as you like with a minimum of 6 weeks of 0-2 tDCS sessions per week. To learn more about the treatment schedule please visit our Treatment Overview page for more details. 

To reset your treatment schedule, you must have first completed the Activation phase of the treatment and 6 weeks of Strengthening (a total of 9 weeks). Resetting your schedule will unlock the activation phase again (5x per week for 3 weeks). 

Resetting the schedule is something you can do with a few clicks through the app:

  • In the upper right corner, you will see a menu (three stacked lines). Click here and then go to the section titled Stimulation
  • You will then see two tabs titled Schedule and Guide. Please click on Guide
  • Here you should be able to select the button Reset Schedule. Click here and your schedule will be reset

If this button is not yet available it is because you are not yet within the timeframe allowance. 

If you would like a more personalized treatment schedule, we recommend speaking with your doctor as they can make individual treatment recommendations. This is because they can assess individual cases and are privy to your full depression treatment/medical history.